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Check Out the 2011 Year End Ratings

Inquiring minds gotta know...
Click on the links below to view year-end ratings for men and women.  The ratings shown are as of 11am, November 28th on TennisLink.   
MEN as of 11am         WOMEN as of 11am
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Players who have a "B" (Benchmark) letter code after their name may not appeal their rating the first year they receive the "B" rating.  Benchmark ratings are given to players who have participated at Sectional or National Championships.  See rule below for benchmark players age 70 years and older.
  1. Go to TennisLink www.national.usta.com
  2. Log-in with your USTA number and Password
  3. On the right of the page, click on Find an NTRP Rating
  4. When the page appears on your screen, type in your USTA number ONLY.
  5. Click on your USTA number.
  6. Your name and rating will appear. 
  7. An Appeal button will be on the far right .
  8. Type in your zip code and click on Submit.
  9. Click on Up or Down and check Requested by Player or Captain.
IF YOUR APPEAL IS ACCEPTED, you will see a message that your appeal has been granted.  The letter code assigned to your rating will be "A" (appealed).   If your appeal is not granted, then you will see a message that your appeal has been denied along with the reason for denial. 
IF YOUR APPEAL IS DENIED, you have no further appeal unless you qualify for a medical appeal or you are 70 years of age or older.
RULE FOR PLAYERS AGE 70 AND OLDER: Any player who is 70 years of age or older prior to, or during, the calendar year in which such player plays his/her first local league match and has achieved the same rating level or lower for the three most recent years, without benefit of appeal, will be granted an appeal if they are promoted at year-end. Note: This also applies to benchmarked players. These players will need to contact the Section League Coordinator.  Email: Coleman@hawaii.usta.com ; phone: 585-9534; fax: 585-9512.