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  • 2020 League Registration Happening Now  Don't be left out!

Adult 40 & Over: Team registration deadline December 4 | Player registration deadline January 3 | League season Saturdays January 4 - March 28

Mixed 18 & Over: Team registration deadline December 5 | Player registration deadline January 4 | League season Sundays, January 5 - March 22

  • 2020 National League Regulations Major Changes

Eligibility to advance to National Championships for self-rated and computer-rated appealed players requires playing at least four (4) matches on the same team at the same level in the same Age Group. No defaults received count.  2020 USTA League Regulations 2.03A(4)

Adult 40 & Over format changed to (1) singles and (3) doubles. One default allowed. Minimum number of players is 7. See restrictions for the 4.5+ level. 2020 USTA League Regulations 1.04A

A player must be 18 years of age prior to participating in the league.  2020 USTA League Regulations 1.04E(3)

  • Move Up/Split Up 2019 Championship Players (Revised 11-1-19)   Adult    Mixed



Congratulations! 2019 Adult 65 & Over Section Champions

6.0W Kilauea Racquettes Jacqueline Chun   7.0W Hawaiian Slices Sally Ann Kutaka 

7.0M Cataract and Vision Center Ron Gomes 


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Congratulations to Our 2019 National Champions!
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Mixed 18
Mixed 18
Disaster Inc.
Adult 55
Happy Hour! Double Shots!
Adult 18
Ruru Remons
2019_Mixed_18_8.0_3rd_RDO 2019_National_Champ_Mixed_7.0_Disaster_Inc 2019_Adult_55_7.0_Natl_Champs_Happy_Hour 2019_Adult_18_3rd_Place_Ruru_Remons
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November 8-10

6.0 Rock & Roll Ladies Catherine Katayama  9.0 LOL Tennis Pom Luxton   9.0 Kaneohe Tom Roerk

  • Mixed 18 & Over:  8.0 RDO Andrea Neal

November 15-17

8.0 All Mixed Up Andrea Neal  



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Adult 65&Over League

Section Championship November 9 & 10 at Patsy T. Mink Central Oahu Regional Park Read More

2019 Tri-One League

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2019 Mixed 40&Over League

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