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2007 ODTA Adult League


March 23rd     Captain’s Information Sheets Distributed (Word Document) or (Adobe PDF).

Fax to 955- 8363

Email to leaguetennis@hawaii.rr.com for 3.0 and 3.5 teams and g.uedoi@att.net for 4.0 and 4.5 teams

Mail to:

Adult League Coordinator

c/o USTA HPS Office

1500 Beretania Street, Suite 300

Honolulu, HI   96826


March 26th     Player Registration begins Tennis Link Web Address: http://national.usta.com


April 13th        Last day to submit Captain’s Information Sheet.

(Late entries will be accepted on a space available basis for those Captain’s who turn in their information sheet late)


April 21st        Initial roster (8 player minimum) or notify League Coordinator for an extension.


Failure to comply will indicate that your team is not committed to the 2007 Adult League and may cause your team to be absent from the league schedule.


Individual players leftover from any non-committed team may contact the League Coordinator for assistance in joining other teams although there is no guarantee that a roster spot on any team will be available.


May 16th (tentative)  Captains meeting and packet pickup. (Location and time TBA)


*** NOTE: All Captains are urged to attend the Captain’s meeting or to send a team representative.  Failure to do so may impact the timeliness in which you receive your schedule and ball pickup coupon.


May 19th        Season Begins (Tentative start date)


May 23rd        Player registration ends exceptions will be made if early notification is given to the league coordinator and for valid reasons that prevented a player from not registering by this date/time.


Sponsors payment is due

Payable to:     ODTA – Adult League

Mailed to:


P.O. Box 2990
Honolulu, HI    96802-2990

Attn: League Treasurer


June 2, 2007 - Complete League Schedule Posted



June 3, 2007 - Updates for Captains & Court Listings Posted



August 17-19, 2007  Sectionals: Oahu



            Additional Captain Sheets and Copies of this document can be found on the ODTA website:  http://www.oahu.usta.com.  Any additional information or notices will be posted at this website. 


The following information is provided for all 2007 ODTA Adult Tennis League captains to review with their players.  Please read it thoroughly as there are changes to procedures that were used in prior years.


Tennis Link:  Tennis Link will be used to register players and report match scores as well as enabling captains to view rosters and match results.


Levels of Play:  Play will be conducted at the following NTRP levels.  2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, and 4.5 


Player Eligibility and Rating:  All players must reach their 19th birthday by December 31, 2007 and be a current USTA member through the end of the season.  Players may register for USTA membership via Tennis Link (http://national.usta.com). Players may check their ratings on the Tennis Link website. Players whose ratings are not listed on the website must self rate on Tennis Link. For NTRP characteristics look at Tennis Link. Please direct any questions regarding player ratings to the local or sectional league coordinator.


Team Registration, Rosters and Fees:  Each team captain will be assigned a team number prior to registering (you must submit a captain’s info sheet in order to receive this team number).  Players may begin registering with Tennis Link on March 26, 2007 and must register by 6:00pm Hawaii Standard Time on May 23, 2007.  The Tennis Link system will assess a $3 registration fee as well as a $17 League fee (total of $20 per player) at the time of registration.  A player needs a valid USTA membership number (valid through August 31, 2007) and charge card number in order to register.  Teams will be limited to 16 players.  Roster changes can be made only via Tennis Link by May 23, 2007.


Sponsored Teams:  If your team has a sponsor that would prefer to pay one check to Oahu District Tennis Association for tax purposes, please indicate so on the captain’s information sheet.  Therefore as your players register in Tennis Link, you will only be charged the $3 per player registration fee (which cannot be omitted).  The deadline for sponsor payment is May 19, 2007.  Checks should be payable to ODTA – Adult League and mailed to ODTA, P.O. Box 2990, Honolulu, HI  96802-2990, Attn: Treasurer.


Home Courts:  Team Captains may request the use of “Home” courts for league play.  Requests should be submitted on the Captain’s Information Sheet and an authorization letter from the Facility Manager should be attached.  Facilities being utilized must have a minimum of two (2) courts available for your matches.  Use of public park courts as Home courts is not authorized.


Sectional Championships:  The 2007 Adult Tennis League Championships will be held August 17-19, 2007 on Oahu.  Each division will send one team for every six teams or major fraction thereof in their division.  Note that a player must play at least two matches during the local league season in order to qualify to play in the sectional championships.


Internet Access:  Updates for league information such as schedules is posted on the Oahu District Tennis Association’s website – http://www.oahu.usta.com.  Please use Tennis Link (http://national.usta.com) for printing blank score cards, entering completed match scores, printing team rosters, viewing team standings and match results.  Tennis Link is a very user-friendly program, however, if you read through the Tennis Link Instructions provided and would like some assistance, please call the phone number or email below with your questions. 


Contacts:  General Questions or additional information – contact Adult League Coordinator via email at leaguetennis@hawaii.rr.com for 3.0 and 3.5 to Charlene Matsuno and g.uedoi@att.net for 4.0 and 4.5 teams for George Uedoi or leave a message at 955-6696 ext 32.