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USTA 2011 League Regulations


1. If an Adult or Senior League consists of only two teams in a level of play, each team must maintain its roster with at least 60 percent of its players at the designated NTRP level of play.

2. A player may play only one NTRP level above the player’s current NTRP level in the Adult and Senior Divisions.

3. Players who play exclusively in the Mixed Doubles Division and choose to participate in the Adult, Senior, and/or Super Senior Divisions the next year must enter those divisions by self-rating with the minimum rating being the higher of the self-rating or mixed exclusive rating.

4. Each Section shall designate a committee to handle Self-Rate Appeals for those that appeal their assigned self-rating.

5. Any player who is 70 years of age or older prior to, or during, the calendar year in which such player plays his/her first local league match and has achieved the same rating level or lower for the three prior years, without benefit of appeal, will be granted an appeal if they are promoted at year-end.

6. A Super Senior player is eligible to advance to National Championships competition if that player has played on that same team in at least three (3) matches through Section Championships. No defaults received by the player during all league competition shall count for advancing. A retired match shall count for all players involved.

7.  Players with expired ratings will not be allowed to self-rate at a lower level than their last published NTRP rating. However, they will have an opportunity to file a self-rate appeal. (See page 2 - Valid NTRP Computer Ratings.)

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