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Keehi Adopt-a-Park Clean-Up Project

In support of the USTA's Tennis in the Parks program, the ODTA is a Hoa Paka Park Partner in the City's Adopt-a-Park project to help keep the tennis courts at Keehi Lagoon Beach Park free of litter and debris.  The ten-court facility at Keehi is one of the most frequently used by local tennis leagues and recreational players because of its central location to many of Oahu's residential neighborhoods. Over the years, these courts have become an integral part of the USTA's adult and junior tennis programs, and the Honolulu Tennis League (HTL).

As part of the Adopt-a-Park project, The ODTA and HTL have formed a partnership to provide volunteers for the quarterly clean-up event.  Our volunteers rake, weed, and remove debris from the courts and adjacent areas. Shown below are photos of our recent clean-up on June 22 & 23, 2013. 

Big mahalo to all who worked hard to help make this project an on-going success!  JoAnn Amuro, John Burns, Vicky & Frank Chee, Rodney Ching, Domingo Cravalho, PJ Ellison, Mary Ann Esteban, S.B. Fukumoto, Donald Geil, Leni Gum, Joann & Miles Hirata, Ann Kinoshita, Rie Kodama, Dwight Kuwata, Jan & David Lee, Cyd Nishino, Norman O’Connor, Kazu Samura, Avis Tamura, and George Uedoi.

Contact the ODTA odtaboard@gmail.com if you would like to volunteer for our next Keehi clean-up event. 

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