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  1. District Playoffs 

    Local Playoff Glossary definition is removed from USTA League Regulations.  District playoffs are now considered championships and not part of the local league season.  Players must play 2 matches on the same team (1 default received shall count) to qualify for participation in the single elimination District Championship.  (USTA Glossary; ODTA 26)

  2. Players 60 and Older

    Automatic appeals by 60 or over and 65 or over players will be granted unless the player’s year-end rating exceeds the clearly above level mark. Players whose appeals are granted will continue to receive “A” ratings and be subject to Dynamic Disqualification. (USTA 2.05E; ODTA Rule 6)

  3. Changes to Flight Scheduling Table (ODTA Addendum V)

    a)  No flight playoff between 1st and 2nd place teams when there is only one flight in an NTRP level. The 1st place team will automatically advance to next level of championship competition, as applicable.

    b)  No consolation matches for flights of 7 and 8 teams.

  4. Accommodation Teams

    ODTA will not pay the player registration fee for accommodation teams. (ODTA 4)


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