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2019 ADULT 18&OVER

League season is April - June (Saturdays*) for men and women 18 years of age or older by end of league year.  The NTRP levels of play are: 2.5 women, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 & 5.0+ for separate men's and women's leagues. A player may play only one NTRP level above the player's current NTRP level.

The 5.0+ level may have up to two 5.5 players on a team roster. Only one 5.5 level player may participate in a team match and may only play in the #1 position, either singles or doubles. 

A team match consists of (2) singles and (3) doubles matches, except for the 2.5 women and 5.0+ levels, which play (1) singles and (2) doubles matches.  The match format is: Best of two sets, regular scoring, set tiebreak (first to 7 by a margin of 2) at 6-all, with a match tiebreak (first to 10 by a margin of 2) in lieu of a third set. The switching of sides for service during any tiebreak shall follow the Coman TieBreak Procedure.

The minimum number of players on a team is 8, maximum 16 players.  Move Up/Split Up 2018 National Championship Players

The League fee is $28 per player.

Some Sunday matches may be required.

Major Regulation Changes

  1. District Playoffs 

    District playoffs are now considered championships and not part of the local league.  Players must play 2 matches on the same team (1 default received shall count) to qualify for participation in the single elimination District Championship.  (USTA Glossary; ODTA 26)

  2. Players 60 and Older

    Automatic appeals by 60 or over and 65 or over players will be granted unless the player’s year-end rating exceeds the clearly above level mark. Players whose appeals are granted will continue to receive “A” ratings and be subject to Dynamic Disqualification. (USTA 2.05E; ODTA Rule 6)

  3. Changes to Flight Scheduling Table (ODTA Addendum V)

    a)  No flight playoff between 1st and 2nd place teams when there is only one flight in an NTRP level. The 1st place team will automatically advance to next level of championship competition, as applicable.

    b)  No consolation matches for flights of 7 and 8 teams.

  4. Accommodation Teams

    ODTA will not pay the player registration fee for accommodation teams. (ODTA 4)

Reminders to Captains & Players

  1. Withholding pertinent information when self-rating is an egregious act and a violation of National Regulation 1.04E(4) (Player Agreement) and can lead to consequences. Sanctions may include suspension from USTA League Tennis for the captain, player and team. Captains do not self-rate players. Players should do their own self-rating according to the General & Experienced Player Guidelines.

  2. No coaching allowed at any time during a match.  Cell phones and other electronic communication devices may not be used at any time during a match (including warm-up, change-overs, set breaks, and bathroom breaks). (ODTA 21)

  3. For each team match, a majority of the individual matches (positions) must actually be played to constitute a valid team match. The maximum number of positions that can be defaulted in a team match and the number of positions that must actually be played without defaulting the entire team match are shown in Defaults and Retirements(ODTA 22; HPS 2.01C(2))

  4. Warning: Captains and players can be sanctioned for falsifying USTA League match scores and/or reporting matches in TennisLink that were not actually played.  Individuals found in violation can receive sanctions that include being denied the opportunity to advance to championships, suspension from USTA League play and captains being prohibited from captaining teams.  This is a recreational league and unethical and unsportsmanlike behavior of any individuals associated with USTA League Tennis will not be tolerated. HPS Player Guide; (ODTA 26)

League Timeline 

  •  Team Registration:  February 6 - March 6 at 6pm HST
    On-Line Team Creation allows captains to register and obtain a team number from TennisLink.  To find out how to obtain your team number, click here to print the TennisLink instructions.  Non-playing captains and captains who choose not to use On-Line Team Creation can download and complete the Team Number Request form.  Click here to download the form.
  • Player Registration on TennisLinkFebruary 6 - April 5 at 6pm HST
    Requests for deadline extension should be emailed to the Coordinator before April 5.  Notify the Coordinator of any player whose self-rating or medical appeal decision is pending.

  • Minimum Roster Deadline:  March 10
    (8) players. No transfers of players between teams after this date.  Requests for deadline extension should be emailed to the Coordinator before March 10.

  • Reserve A Court Deadline:  March 10 Court Usage fee $75

Castle High School and Stevenson Middle School.

Click here to view RAC Facility Match Schedule.

Click here for RAC Program information.  Click here for on-line RAC registration.

  • Refund Deadline:  March 30
    Email refund requests to the Coordinator.  The $3 TennisLink fee & $3 processing fee are non-refundable.
  • League Season:  April 6 - June 22   
  • Section Championships: August 17-18 Patsy T. Mink Central Oahu Regional Park
  • National Championship Information 
League Coordinator: Annalyn Picken adulttennis@hawaii.usta.com
Contact the Coordinator if you are a player looking to join a team or a captain looking for players.
League Information
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