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  1. ODTA Leagues Only. The non-winning teams in the Flight Playoff semi finals will playoff for 3rd and 4th place. Refer to ODTA Reg. 26d 
  2. New The captain or designee of the winning team shall report scores within 48 hours of the day the last individual match of the team match is played. If a team match is completed on Saturday, scores must be reported in TennisLink by Monday.
  3. Changes 5.0 NTRP level to 5.0 Plus (+) NTRP level in Adult Division, 18 & Over League Type and changes 4.5 NTRP level to 4.5 Plus (+) NTRP level in Adult Division, 40 & Over League Type. Refer to ODTA Reg. 2 & USTA Reg. 2.01A
  4. Allows all Plus (+) NTRP level team rosters to include up to two players from the next higher NTRP level. Refer to ODTA Reg 10 & USTA Reg. 2.01A
  5. Requires Plus (+) players to always play in the #1 position, either #1S or #1D. Only one 5.5 rated player may play in an 18 & Over 5.0+ team match; both 5.0 rated players may play in a 40 & Over 4.5+ team match. Refer to ODTA Reg 10 & USTA Reg. 2.01A
  6. Requires players in the Adult 55 & Over League Type to meet the same match requirements to advance to all championship levels below Nationals as players in the Adult 18 & Over and Adult 40 & Over League Types. Refer to USTA Reg. 2.03A(3)
  7. Move-Up/Split Up. Requires Adult 55 & Over League Type to comply with this Regulation. Also, adds "or lower NTRP level" to prevent more than three (two for 2.5 and 5.0+) National Championship players from any team or combination of teams to combine and form a new team at the same or lower NTRP level. Note: This will apply to 2012 National Championship teams in the Adult and Mixed Doubles Divisions whose players combine to form new teams in the 2013 Adult 18 & Over and Mixed 18 & Over League Types.

    For 2013 ONLY, this will not apply to new teams that form in the Adult 40 & Over and Adult 55 & Over League Types. Refer to USTA Reg. 2.06A
  8. Adds a one year time limit to filing an Administrative or National League Grievance. Requires that any grievance against a Sectional League Coordinator be filed in writing with the Section League Committee, that the decision of the Section League Committee is final and binding, and sets a one year time limit for filing such a grievance. Refer to USTA Reg. 3.03A (2-4)
  9. An NTRP Grievance Committee may: 1) Adjust ratings and reverse matches for an "inaccurate" and "inappropriate" self-rating. (Terms "inaccurate" and "inappropriate" defined in Glossary); 2) Impose penalties only for an "inappropriate" self-rating; 3) Impose penalties against the player, captain and others who condoned or acted on behalf of the player who has an "inappropriate" self-rating. Refer to USTA Reg. 3.03 E(1)a
  10. If any Adult League Type consists of only two teams in a level of play, each team must maintain its roster with at least 60 percent of its players at the designated NTRP level of play. The Adult 55 & Over League Type will not be required to comply with this Regulation. Refer to ODTA Reg.10
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