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2013 Adult 40 & Over League

Click here for Court Assignments and other league information.  
Click here to view Section Championship schedule and fact sheet. May 18-19 Maui. 
Flight Playoffs
3.5 Men Semi/Final Sunday, March 10 at Leeward Community College.  Matches start at 7:30am
4.0 Men Semi/Final - Sunday, March 10 at Kaiser High School. Matches start at 7:30am.  
4.0 Women Semi/FinalSaturday, March 9 at CORP. Matches start at 8:00am
The Coordinator will email court assignments to participating teams.
League Coordinator: Charlene Matsuno odtaleaguesmatsuno@gmail.com   
Flight Playoff Competition Format Change for 2013 Leagues
Flight playoffs will be single elimination when there are two or more flights in a playing level.  Teams will advance to flight playoffs according to the following:
  • When there are two or four flights in a level, first and second place teams will advance to the flight playoff.

  • When there are three flights in a level, second place teams will first play a round-robin and the winner of the round robin will advance to flight playoff with the first place teams.

  • Single Elimination Flight Playoff Semi Final Matches will be scheduled as follows:

    Two Flights (4 teams) - First place team of Flight A will play second place team of Flight B; first place team of Flight B will play second place team of Flight A.

    Three Flights (4 teams) - The three first place teams and the winner of the round-robin (see preceding bullet) will be randomly matched up, however, the second place team will not be matched up against the first place team of its flight.

    Four Flights (8 teams) - The four first place teams will be randomly matched up against the four second place teams, however, a second place team will not be matched up against the first place team of its flight.
  • Final & Consolation Rounds. The winners of the semi final rounds will advance to the final round to determine the District Flight Champion. New The non-winning teams in the semi final rounds will playoff for 3rd and 4th place.
  • The individual match scoring for flight playoffs will be the same as used for local league competition.
Note: Head-to-head will still be used as the first of the procedures applied in the event of a tie between teams in a flight.