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2009 Super Senior Match Schedule

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In Advanced Search, you can drill down to find team and flight information through a series of dropdown boxes based on the structure of league play within the Hawaii Pacific Section.  Choose
the Hawaii Pacific section, then district or area, then the name of the league program, then the team.  The match and player information will be available for the chosen selection.

We've already selected the Section and League for you.  All you need to do is:

  • Click here to view or print your 2009 Super Senior League schedule for your team. 
    Just scroll down the page and input your team number in the team number box. 
    In the Team Level screen, click on the grey bar labeled "Match Schedule".

  • Click here to view or print the 2009 Super Senior League schedule by flight.
    Just click on the flight drop down box to get all information you need.

  • Click here to view the neighbor island leagues and teams.  Check out the competition!

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