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2012 Flight Playoffs

Flight Playoff Competition Format for 2012 Leagues

Updated 12/5/11
Flight playoffs will be single elimination when there are two or more flights in a playing level.  Teams will advance to flight playoffs according to the following:
  • When there are two or four flights in a level, first and second place teams will advance to the flight playoff.
  • When there are three flights in a level, second place teams will first play a round-robin and the winner of the round-robin will advance to flight playoff with the first place teams.
  • First and second place teams will be randomly matched up in the flight playoff schedule, however, a second place team will not be matched up against the first place team of its flight.
  • The individual match scoring for flight playoffs will be the same as used for local league competition.
Note: Head-to-head will still be used as the first of the procedures applied in the event of a tie between teams in a flight. (Oahu leagues only.)