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2011 BNP Paribas Open Tri-Level Championship

Hawaii Pacific Section - 2nd Place

Congratulations to Oahu's Tri-Level Teams

You Are The Best!! 

3.5 Men - Jayson Alhambra, Brian Cadorna, Donald Geil.
4.0 Men - Gammon Miura, Arthur Phanphengdy, Jilbert Salamanca, Benny Toledo.
4.0 Women - Pom Luxton, Jodie Tanabe.
4.5 Men - Mark Cayetano, Albert Cook, Andrew Murakami, Bradley Uy.
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that particpated in the 2011 BNP Open Tri-Level Championships at Indian Wells. 


How the Championship was determined:  Each match played accumulated points for the respective Section. Points were awarded depending on the number of doubles teams in each compass draw (level of play). For example, if there were 16 doubles teams in a level of play, the first place doubles team would receive 16 points, the second place doubles team would receive 15 points and the sixteenth place doubles team would receive 1 point. The Southern California Section accumulated the highest total number of points and the Hawaii Pacific Section team had the second highest total number of points.